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Rotana Telecom | international premium rate numbers Rotana Telecom | international premium rate numbers Rotana Telecom | international premium rate numbers Rotana Telecom | international premium rate numbers

International Premium Rate Numbers Service Providers

Rotana Telecom cover more than 150+ countries all over the world, working in an ever-changing market we are constantly developing.


Rotana Telecom | International Premium Rate Numbers

About Us

We are a global telecommunications

Provider started delivering solutions in 2019, We deliver customer contact solutions by offering , International Premium Rate Numbers and other telecommunication services to the business market leading rates and guarantee to get your payment, Encrypting all of our customers data is our first step in our work, with Rotana telecom make sure that you are dealing with trusted suppliers,You are using a world class service that is bolstered by 1st tier providers.

IPRN International Premium Rate Numbers

Rotana telecom, IPRN International Premium Rate Numbers, World wide numbers with high access, accepting short calls without cancellation Start your business with us without hold back, weekly guarantee payment with multi payment methods, bank transfer - paypal - cash - bitcoin.

we are connected with tier 1 operators, providing us with exclusive ranges with very good access our easy portal and support 24/7 will be able to assist you and make your business more easier.

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How We Work

When you choose to work with Rotana Telecom you are choosing to be part of a modern, trusted and progressive relationship.

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We have built strong relationships with other experts in the telecommunications industry, Our team at Rotana Telecom searching for the globe and interconnect with the most trusted, reliable and established suppliers around. By always going direct with suppliers, and never reselling from a third party. we can always negotiate the best deal to make it work for your destination.

International PRN

Our international number rates are the most competitive in the industry

We are connected with many trusted suppliers and service providers from all over the world, giving your business the scope it needs.

Easy Panel

Our exclusive platform will help you to find.

your suitable numbers working with your own account easily, with security guarantee .

Our Payments

As a leading premium rate number provider,

Rotana Telecoms understand your business. This is why we’ve made sure we can offer multiple payment options, you can choose from daily, weekly or monthly payments.

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